ROTINI and TARQUINI of Corropoli Teramo Italy

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Subject: ROTINI and TARQUINI of Corropoli Teramo Italy


I'm helping a friend (Sam Rotini) find his family in Teramo Italy.

Sam Rotini was born in 1953 and lives in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

His father:
Gaetano Rotini born November 20, 1921 in Corropoli, Teramo Italy. Baptized at: Parrochia Di S. Agnes V.em in Corropoli Italy. His address was Piane #8. His godparents were: Nicola and Maria Tarquini

His grandfahter and grandmother:
Franco Rotini and Addolorata Tarquini.
Franco was born in: Controguerra, Teramo Italy

His great-grandfather and great-grandmother:
Gaetano Rotini and Filomena D'Andrea

Any information regarding the Rotini family and most importantly the Tarquini family would be appreciated. Sam Rotini would like to meet his family. Skeletons and secrets won't keep him from meeting and loving his family. Believe me, he is the nicest person I've every met.


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