Might help in finding family

Posted by cngarman- AT - aol.cpm">Rosemarie Sorge (Sorgi) Garman on 02/01/02 at 6:14 PM
Subject: Might help in finding family

My Father and his people are deceased. He & my Mother were divorced when I was 3 and she had little information for me. My Birth Certificate stated that my Father was born in Campuli.Finally I found Campli on the map.Search for "sounds likes". My Dad's name turned out to be SORGI not SORGE..(another "sounds like?) Now that the Ellis Island site is open it can be a big help. Again look for "sounds like's". Teramo, in which Campli is, was listed as Ceremo.In researching records we had to INSIST that , when my Father's Birth Certificate could not be found , that they look in the NEXT year. If your relative was born near the END of the year it might be in the next year as was my Father's.The Ellis Island ship's manifests have a lot of useful information and clues.

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