Vagnoni; Vagnone

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Subject: Vagnoni; Vagnone

I'm looking for any information about my grandfather Orazio Vagnoni ( maybe spelled "Vagnone") who emigrated to America in 1907, along with his cousin Pasquale. He setled in Washington, DC. He had three brothers, Biagio, Luigi, and Francesco who also came to America at some point. Biagio and Luigi stayed, while Francesco returned to Italy. Orazio listed his home as Notaresco, which is in the province of Teramo. His parents were Luigi Vagnoni (Vagnone) and Anna D'Agostino, and told my mother that he was born in Giulianova. I know that there is (or was 6 years ago) a mechanic with a small auto repair shop outside of Teramo named Francesco Vagnoni whose father was also named Francesco Vagnoni, but my cousin who encountered him did not speak Italian and did not know what questions to ask.

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