Posted by RoseDonS  - NAME: Rose on 04/29/02 at 8:09 PM
Subject: Parents

Dear Steven Del Biondo,
It was nice to see that you responded and saw my message. I have been to Pietranico twice and love it. My father's name was Rosario Del Biondo (deceased) he had brothers and their names are John (deceased), Anthony (deceased) Dominick, Alfonso, and a sister Nicolette. There are many Del Biondo's in Pietranico and I am related to almost all of them. We lived in Bridgeport, CT. I had family in New Britain but not by the name Del Biondo. Now I believe my father had a counsin called Joseph. My grandfathers name I believe was Angelo.
Where in New York do you reside?
Please respond. We could be cousins?

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