Pirocchi family in Miano

Posted by jjreganclassic- AT - cs  - NAME: Jayne (Perocchi) Regan on 05/12/02 at 6:53 AM
Subject: Pirocchi family in Miano

I visited Miano, near Teramo ten years ago and found the village where my grandfather was born and met a lot of Pirocchi families while there. How can I find anyone from that village that may be on the Internet and could I have there e-mail address. There was one young man that lived in Miano and worked in a city hall type place in Teramo. His name is (I think) Berardo Pirocchi. I would appreciate any help in contacting him or anyone from my grandfather village of Miano (Abruzzi).

Thank you,

Jayne (Perocchi) Regan

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