Capocci from Conca Casale

Posted by manmos- AT - rcn  - NAME: patricia manning on 07/13/02 at 5:30 AM
Subject: Capocci from Conca Casale

Great grandfather Benedetto Capocci born Conca Casale March 1860. Married Annatonia Pirolli in Conca Casale. Came to US and settled in RI. My grandfather Leonardo Capocci born in Conca Casale and came to US when he was 5 1896. Annatonia died in RI in 1914, Leonardo died in RI in 1953. We cannot find any record of Benedetto after 1905. Did he return to Italy? Any information on Capocci, Pirolli from Conca Casale would help. Can email direct at manmos- AT - Thanks, Patricia

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