August 2002 - Message 42: Montrealers from Pietranico/Torre

Posted by ambac- AT - metromediacmr  - NAME: Anne Marie Baccanale on 08/12/02 at 11:53 AM
Subject: Montrealers from Pietranico/Torre

I really enjoy this website!!
Are there any people out there from Montreal who came from Pietranico and Torre de Passeri?
My grandmother Filomena Colucci came from Pietranico around 1912 and my grandfather Bambino Baccanale came from Torre in 1907.
They met in Montreal, in the St-Henri district (he worked for the Grand Trunk Railway which later became the CNR) They got married in Ste-Clotilde church in 1913 (the bldg no longer exists & the parish was closed at the end of April 2001)
Are there any pictures available anywhere on the church in Torre? Is there only 1 church for the whole town? What is its name?
Are there any pictures of the church in Pietranico? What is the parish name? What does the church look like?
I hope someone out there can answer these questions & I'd like to meet some people who have roots from these 2 towns in particular.
Anne marie

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