August 2002 - Message 69: Castela Castagnu - Merlini/Zupiti/ Digiuseppe

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Subject: Castela Castagnu - Merlini/Zupiti/ Digiuseppe

I have traced my roots to Castel Castagna, Teramo, Abruzzo Region. My mothers side. Greatgmother Candita Merlini Digiuseppe, her father Angelo Merlini,mother Carmela Zupiti, sisters Thersa, Anna and Grazia. I am told one sister was left in Abruzzo, she did not want to come to the USA. She married Antonio Digiuseppe (possible name Felice Antonio) also from Castel Castagua. Candita left Italy 1905 to visit Nina Nicola her cousin in Phila, PA. The only DiNicola close in the 1900 census lists a Lena DiNicola of Phila Pa. I am courious about this relation I never knew of. Candita and Antonio settled in Wash DC having five children. I am the granddaughter of Midian the only one of the children born in Italy. They later resided til death in Maryland. I would appreciate any information concerning the Zupita, Merlini or DiGiuseppe ancestry.

Also my maiden name is Pagliocchini. If any are out there I am searching this side also.

Thanks Joann

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