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Posted by Angelo Pellicciotta on 09/28/03 at 9:57 AM

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Thank you for the response Edmond. From what I have found out, around abouts 100 years ago, Perano was a "small place to live in".
Like you, I have also found out that alot of the old information has been lost. All that I know of my great-grand parents/grand-parents are their names, birth dates(and in the case of my great grand parents - an estimated birth date), and that both my grand-father and grand mother were over 6 foot in height. My grand-grand mother was supposed to be a very refined, and elegant woman.
An Aunt who could have provided more acurate information passed away abouts a year ago. The only remaining photgraph of my grand father(there a plenty of photo's of my grand mother still around fortunately) is in my fathers possesion, as well as a copy in my computer, and I only recently recieved from a newly discovered cousin, who lives near Baltimore: photographs of 2 great uncles. One of those photgraphs was last seen in my grand mothers house some 50 years ago, and has been lost since. The photgraphs of the other great uncle, have not been seen outside of the U.S till now as he passed away in the 1930's, and those photo's were buried in the bottom of a storage box until a few years ago.
Beyond these facts, there are an asssortment of names - my grand fathers cousins, whom contact was lost many years before WW2 started. I even traced similar names to htose which are on my family tree in American migration records between the 1880's and abouts the 1920's, but till something more concrete comes up, they are just names.
I do not know of a Vincenzo, or a Maria in the family history, but those names have not been ruled out either. And just as you finished off your message...."Dont know if they are related to your family somehow but you never know."

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