I know that he is not you great grand father

Posted by Angelo Pellicciotta on 11/19/03 at 1:08 AM

In Reply to: Re: Reply to .........some information of interest posted by Edmond Gentile on 11/18/03 at 11:49 PM:

I know that the gentleman I mentioned is not your great grand father, the time is all wrong, besides he would have been 120 yeras old if he died in 1979 or 19 80. But I thought that it might be of interest that an "Vincenzo" in 1890(in Perano of all places!), might be of interest. The use of the name "Vincenzo" has been disapeared from family records. Til this record turned up, I did not even think that there was a "Vincenzo" somewhere in the family.

Maybe he just shares a name?Then again maybe(This is a real stretch to type out...but I am an optimist)this "Vincenzo" is more like a great great grand father or some one related to a great great grand father.

I know I got living relatives in Perano and Pescara, as well as lots of relatives in the general region of Abruzzi. Now, don't take this part too seriously, but, maybe your list of relatives can possibly be matched against the relatives my father/ knows exists in Perano. Again a long shot, but, maybe?If it does not match..no worries, but...who knows.

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