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Posted by Angelo Pellicciotta on 11/20/03 at 1:18 AM

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Hi Edmond,

Me again. I found an other document with the name of a blacksmith named Vincenzo Pellicciotta on it. Believe or not, I found it on the Ellis Island website( The age, occupation, place of origin is spot on. He apparantly migrated to America in 1905. Finding this truely amazes me!.

According to the documentation, he was married at the time. There are a few other names(with the same surname) on the list ranging from 16 to 26, all male, only one of them married. I am working on the hunch that he took his family with him, and that at least some of the other nmaes on the list might be his children.

The other names are(at the time of the document - 1905)- the...Michele..age 16 , Salvatore..age 24, Antonio..age 26(married), and Nobile..age 17. Do any of these names match your great grand fathers names and age?Do any of them seem familiar?

This is just a hunch as I said before. There was an european tradition of naming the grand child after the grand parents, it was still followed around this time. (There are still lots of names in the Ellis Island website data base which I hope to match up sooner or later...)

If you like I can e-mail the document to you to look at?.

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