Zopito D'Amico

Posted by Chuck D'Amico on 11/25/03 at 12:08 AM

We are searching for the siblings and/or parents of Zopito D'Amico born before 1870 in Italy. Zopito is believed to be the youngest in his family.
As a young man Zopito is reported to have walked from his family home (perhaps in Loreto Aprutino, Pescara) to Ville San Leonardo near Ortona in Abruzzi Region to start a new life for himself. He married Anna Civitarese and they had 6 sons Antonio(Tony), Nicola(Nick), Edigio(George bFeb 19, 1890 d Mar 1, 1947), Ciro(Charlie), Pietro(Pete), unknown(died as a youth) and one daughter Liberty.
Following Zopito's death about 1900, all the children and their mother emigrated to Canada to work in the coal mines near Fernie, British Columbia. Tony, Nick, Pete and Liberty eventually moved from Canada to the Portland, Oregon area of the USA.

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