Posted by PETER on 12/09/03 at 9:33 AM

Dear Webmaster you advised that I am not supposed to "bloat" the forum with just one reply which I find puzzling. Each person asks a question and each question is important to them and I answer the in the most correct way.

If 100 people ask me what is the color of the sky. I must, in good conscience reply to the 100 people with the same reply that the sky is BLUE. Don't you agree

I dol not refer people to other websites except for obtaining INFORMATION not to suggest other services. I ask people for more information in order to direct them to the answer they are looking for in the genealogy of their family which is why you have the forum in the first place.

Dear webmaster I am a hard worker, retired,wealthy and obligated to assist people thruout the world with their family genealogy.

I am an Italian American and "sono orgoglioso di essere di origine italiano" Please reconsdier my position on this appeal to your decision. Thank you Peter NYC

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