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In Reply to: REPLY TO WEBMASTER posted by PETER on 12/09/03 at 9:33 AM:

re-read our reply.
We told you it is useless to tell people to go to the white pages. This applies clearly to your example of the blue sky. Saying 100 times that the sky is blue or there exist a website for the white pages is in our view to bloat the forum.

We have a link to the white pages and clear description on how to use them.

So we will delete all messages where you tell visitors to look at the white pages. Visitors are not so stupid or so clumsy as you think.

Also, we will delete your replies where you ask them for more information. If they did not give more information in their posting, please leave them alone. You seem not to realize that most visitors want to leave a message for other visitors possibly connected to their family.

If you want to help people so much, why don't you establish your own website? You will be your own webmaster there.

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