Re: Luberti/Tenaro in Fara San Martino, Chieti, Abruzzi

Posted by Sunda Luberti Dierkes on 01/26/04 at 8:20 PM

In Reply to: Re: Luberti/Tenaro in Fara San Martino, Chieti, Abruzzi posted by Jphn fecondo on 01/26/04 at 10:28 AM:

Is this John Fecondo in Florida? My dad is Rock Luberti. I spoke with Aunt Mary Gargano today who spoke with you. She said that Anthony Fecondo from Virginia sent me an email, but I never received it. I do have a copy of the Family Tree document that Anthony put together in 2000 for the Fecondo reunion; I borrowed it from Lorraine Fecondo. The information/photos are great! Do you have any info on your mom's parents/grandparents/etc. from Italy? I was only 1 yr old when your mom died, so I didn't know her at all, but everyone I speak with about her says how wonderful she was. My grandmother, Sunda, was wonderful, too, so that must run in the family!

Do you have Anthony's email address? I'd like to send him a message, too.


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