Re: OT: Looking for recipes from Chieti and Montazzoli

Posted by Anthony Sorge on March 23, 2004 at 19:33:00:

In Reply to: OT: Looking for recipes from Chieti and Montazzoli posted by John DeFiore on 09/10/03 at 2:36 PM:

My family is from Montazzoli and my mother actually has every single one of these recipes. The Pasta Fagioli is very easy to make.

Make the sauce like you normally do. However, it should be liquidy like a soup. just add water to it to make it a soupy consistency. Also, for the pasta. Can you make homemade linguine...if you can make it...but cut in to be about 3 inches in length and there you go. Pasta Fagiol!

The L'ostia is a pain in the butt to make unless you have lots of time and the hand presser to make the waffers. I don't know exactly how to make it but it's pretty hard.

As for the "scriple." you'll need rosemary water..just stick a bunch of rosemary in a cheesecloth then stick it into water. That is one of the main ingredients. I can probably get you the rest of the recipes soon!

Have a good one.

Anthony Sorge

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