looking for relatives ..last name - -Pellicciotta

Posted by Angelo Pellicciotta on 07/05/03 at 6:39 AM

I am wondering if there are relatives around/ near Perano.

Great-grand father - Pietro Paolo Pellicciotta
Great-grandmother - Carolina Pugliesa

They had 4 sons - Filippo, Andrea, Ernesto, and Guiseppe (my grand-father), and 3 daughters - Genoveffe, Luisa, and Severina.

The sons (Filippo, Guiseppe, Andrea, Ernesto) moved to America around the early 1900's. Filippo and Guiseppe returned to Italy a few years later. Andrea and Ernesto remained in America (where Ernesto started his family).

Ernesto is known to have lived in PERANO before he left for America.

(I already know of lots, and lots of relatives in Chieti, and Pescara, just to name a couple of places.
Filippo eventually moved to Rome, and Guiseppe returned/or moved to Chieti. I made contact with a member of Ernesto's family in America last week.

If possible, I am also interested in information about family members from the generation of my great-grand parents or beyond.

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