DeLallo Family (De Lallo, DiLallo, Di Lallo)

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I am looking for any information concerning my great grandfather, Joseph DeLallo and his family in Italy. I believe he was born in 1859 in Italy. He came to the USA and met Virginia Gallegos who was from Colorado, and they went back to Italy.

I do not know if they married in the States or in Italy, but eventually they ended up coming to and living in the United States. They had 17 children, and I do not know them all.

Some of their children's names were Joseph (my grandfather), Arthur, Romeo, Lavinia, and Mary.

My grandfather (Nono) married Aurelia Torreano.

Great Grandma died in Sacramento, CA, in 1978 at the age of 99. I do not know when my great grandfather died.

(The DeLallo name has a few variations, from Di Lallo, to DiLallo, to De Lallo, and also DeLallo. I understand the name went from "Di", to "De" because in America is was being pronounced "Die" Lallo, instead of "Dee" Lallo)

Bill DeLallo

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