Relatives of Evandro DeFrancesco, Vacri

Posted by Peter DeFrancesco on 02/01/04 at 8:32 PM

Je cherche la famille de mon grand pere Evandro DeFrancesco qui habitait Vacri, province de Chieti. Il a quitté Vacri le 15 Septembre, 1905 avec des amis Vincenzo Trappacosta et Fioravanti D'Allesandro sur le bateau Werra. Evandro a émigré a Detroit, Michigan et ses amis a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Je ne sais pas s'il y a des freres ou des soeurs d'Evandro. S'il vous plait, si vous avez des informations au sujet de DeFrancesco, a Vacri, envoyez-moi un e-mail.
Pierre DeFrancesco
California, USA

My name is Peter DeFrancesco in Northern San Diego, California and I am searching for information regarding my Grandfather Evandro DeFrancesco who left his mother's house in Vacri, traveling to Michigan between 1894 and 1905. His last voyage aboard the La Bretagne,sailed from La Havre, France on September 10, 1905. I believe he was accompanied by two friends. Fioravanti D'Allesandro and Vincenzo Trappacosta also from Vacri, Chieti whose final destinations were Philadelphia. Evandro changed his name to DeFrancis and married Claudine DeMartino, originally from Francavilla al mare. We know nothing of Evandro's Italian life or if he had brothers or sisters in Vacri. Any surviving relatives in Vacri or information regarding DeFrancesco in Vacri would be appreciated. I speak English and French and can figure out Italian.
Peter DeFrancesco.

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