Posted by rose on May 12, 2004 at 18:54:44:

Hi, everyone!

My mom was orphaned at the age of 11 (1939) and I am trying to find out some info about her family. I've checked the Ellis Island site and done some research (obtained death certificates, wills, etc.) and have learned a few things:

Her father's name was Giuseppe D'Arcangelo. He had five brothers; we know the names of two of them -- Gennaro (born in 1892, arrived in the states in 1910) and Raffaele (born in 1883, arrived in the states in 1910). They were from Chieti, but the town is listed on the maifest as Anadri (I've done some checking and I don't think the town name is correct).

Where I've really hit a wall is with my grandmother. Her name was Rosa D'Aloisio, but that's about all I know. My great grandmother's name may have been Fedela. Rosa and Giuseppe were married in Italy before they immigrated. They resided in Pittsburgh, PA. Giuseppe died in 1929 and Rosa died in 1939, both in Pgh.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. If you think you may be related, please write -- I'd love to hear from you! =)



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