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Posted by Matthew Larcinese on June 09, 2004 at 02:48:01:

I have been doing research on Larcinese and I am currently back to the early 1600's late 1500's where there is only ONE Larcinese existing in Gessopalena-(still working on the name Bernardino Del Larcenese from Colle dell'Arcenese, Gesso.)
Since the Larcinese name has originated from there I would like to hear Larcinese's with 20th and 21st century info. since I cannot get these records easily- Does anyone know the group who immigrated to Australia- Carlo, Domenico or Giovanni? How about the brothers that settled in Northern Michigan as miners? There are Larcinese's in Canada I would like to know more about- Please let me know how you fit in- this would be a great time saver!!! Thanks!

Matthew Larcinese

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