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To whom it may concern

I was just inquiring as to whether or not you have anyone in Tasmania (relatively small island off South coast of Australia) promoting tourism in Abbruzzo? The majority of my relatives live in Casacanditella, in and around. The fortunate thing is I have enough experience to be able to efficiently execute plans and ideas in promoting such a beaustiful, unique and an almost unchanged cultured lifestyle, living off the land being self-sufficient etc, I think this in itself is a draw card as tourists want to be able to experience how italian country folk are still passionate about being as self-sufficient as they can be, ignorance is bliss when it comes to an italian countryman/woman, and do these people know how to farm, cook and tailor. Having such a warm generous spirit. For myself Abruzzo is the "hub" of pure, rraw, italian culture and tradition and this undenianly not to be compared with, my home is Australia my heart has always had a home in Abruzzo, I feel I owe my everything to this "jewel", that is what it is precious, undying and full of the things that should be important, food, wine and family, combine these ingredients and your sure to have the memory of a lifetime, wehter it be one week or one hundred years, Viva Italia e Viva Abruzzo.

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