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Hi Bob !
What a surprise ! My mother Carole was thrilled to hear that you sent an e-mail to me. I heard about you when I was growing up, all positive ! In fact, I even tried to call you up from a payphone. I heard from my folks, circa 1966, that you were in Japan, I was only 9 years old at that time. The call did not go through...I must have had a lot of coins on me. I sure have a lot to tell you. I am sure that that the rest of the family will be thrilled to know what is going on with their a phone number or an address that I can reach you. I am Mike's son, I believe you were my godfather !
Please drop a line, my mother Carole has been ill for some long time and any words you have would make her very happy. The old homestead is still there in Astoria, Uncle Bob and Aunt Rinda are still living there. So long for now !

Mike Cialone Jr.

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