Re: Santilli/Santillo Terpolilli Tufillaro

Posted by Mary on March 10, 2005 at 15:16:51:

In Reply to: Santilli/Santillo Terpolilli Tufillaro posted by Carol on February 22, 2005 at 16:09:33:

Hi Carol, I went to local Family History Center, which is part of the Latter-day Saints church, They have film on Fres. I paid $3.00 for each roll I ordered, If you go to Latter-day Saints web site you can find out if you have local History center near you, they are all over the USA. Film takes couple weeks to come in from Utah, local history center keeps it for about a month for $3.00 fee you can renew and keep film longer. You can copy film pages for small fee. You can read names in English, most is written in Italian. I used a web page translator & Italian dictonary, very useful, since I don't read or speak a bit of italian. I don't know how interested you are in Fres. but I found a site all about Fres, on google. picture of village, history etc. I did check records I have nothing on names you are looking for. I grew up in small town of Bridgeport, Pa, next store to me lived a Mrs. Terpololli, not sure of her husband name she had son Gus and Dominic, also have neighbors name Santillo, I still e-mail Gwenn Santillo once in while, she visted Fres last year. Do you have any connection with people from Bridgeport, Pa area?

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