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Posted by Carol on March 10, 2005 at 16:09:21:

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Hi Mary,
Thanks for the info. We don't have a LDS site that is close but up north of me. Think I will try to make the trip if not too far. Sounds like it may be well worth it. I don't know if we have connections in Bridgeport or not. My mother died in 1975, her mother in 1950 and Grandpa in 1959. I was working and did not get into genealogy until the kids needed family tree in high school. What little info I got was from my Uncle who was the youngest and didn't know a whole lot about his Dad's family. Somehow went from NY to Pa to Dayton & Cincinnati, Ohio. Not sure if any place in between. Grandpa's first wife was from Patterson NJ. Her name was Rose Carfello.
I tried some of the folk who say they do research in Italy for a fee but got nothing but postponements and nothing from them.
I do visit the Fres site often and have collected info on the area. I don't speak any Italian either except for a few words I remember from years ago.
Thanks again. Will keep looking.

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