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My paternal grandmother's maiden name was Napoleane. I do not know if the spelling is correct, or if the spelling of the name was changed at some point. Her full name was Lucia Napoleane, and she was originally from Fara; I am not sure of the exact birth date, but she would have been born around 1897. She married Antonio Iovannisci; (the family eventually changed the surname to Ioannisci, which is how it was originally supposed to be spelled.) Some members of the Ioannisci family are believed to still be in Abruzzo, although I have not been able to get in touch with them. My grandmother Lucia lived in Teatino Chieti with my grandfather Antonio Iovannisci (Ioannisci) after they married, until about 1927, when they emigrated to America and settled in New York.

Please write back if you think there is a connection. Thank you,
Andrea Iovannisci Maleki

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