Find relatives in Lanciano or near by

Posted by Nancy Laudadio Bittner on May 23, 2005 at 01:43:10:

My Grandfather Frank (Florindo) Laudadio was born in Lanciano 3/29/1883 to Great Grands Cesare Laudadio and Constatine Mamemo. Great Great Grands Francesco Paolo Saverio Donato Laudadio and Anna Marie Ciccocioppo. GGG Grands Cesare Laudadio, Angele Marie Spurio/Francesco Ciccocioppo and Rosaria Balletto. GGGG Grands Donato Laudadio,not known/Rocco Bolleta and Sara Fina Cotellezza. They all were born in Lanciano. We really did some work finding all of our deceased relatives and I hope this might help anyone who is interested but I would really like to know if I still have any living relatives in that area.
If you would like to now more about my family here in Pennsylvania just reply and I will give you the scoop. We are many

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