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Posted by paul presenza on July 06, 2005 at 05:05:07:

My name is Paul Presenza. My great-grandfather, Rocco Presenza, was born in Torino di Sangro; he married a woman named Doralice Tartaglia, also from Torino di Sangro, sometime before 1885. He had several children born in Italy, including Luigi Presenza(1885), Emma Presenza(1897),Amadeo Presenza(1897), and Ermindo Presenza(1900), before they all emigrated to America in 1902. They lived at 4 Spedale Via, Torino di Sangro, Chieti, from 1885 - 1997, at 12 Spedale Via from 1897 - 1900, and at 16 Spedale Via from 1900 - 1902. Before the family emigrated to the US, they adopted an orphan named Nichola(s) Dibiase, born in Torino di Sangro 1899, who then became part of the Presenza family. I don't know the name of his parents, or their address. I am lookking for any information about the Presenzas, Tartaglias, or the Dibiases from Torino di Sangro, or anyone living currently at the listed addresses(if they still exist). I would appreciate any help in this matter, especially public records, letters, diaries, journals, newspaper articles, tax or estate papers, anything at all that would help me piece together my family history. I have been able to put much together about my family once they came to the US, but have very little information about the families before 1902. Please contact me with any information you have, our family would greatly appreciate it!
Thank you very much!
Paul A. Presenza

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