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Posted by Martha Escobar on August 21, 2005 at 10:59:37:

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Unfortunaly I do not have any information regarding Daluiso,D'Aloisio,or Aulino but I have some information regarding Peluzzi! My maiden name is Martha Peluzzi and it was a huge surprise to see someone at last looking for Peluzzi, it seems that my brother and I are the only ones with that last name in the U.S. Well first when I was 1 year old my father died in 1982 he came from Argentina when he was about 8 years old without his parents, his name was Rodolfo Peluzzi. My mother says that he said he scaped from some type of dorm from school we dont know if it was from an orphanage or something, but he knew his parents my grandfather's name was Salvador Peluzzi and grandmother's Graciela Guzman. I lost comunication with a person in Argentina that wrote to me that the Peluzzi were violin makers and actually bought a violin in Italy that read in the inside Esso Peluzzi 1924 well she says that her great grandfather Octavio Arione Peluzzi immigrated from Italy to argentina 1920's in the ship Princessa Mafalda. Maybe we were related it seems she had a great grandfather name after my grandfather Salvador Peluzzi. That is the information that I can provide i has been very difficult to find anybody with PELUZZI I am glad to find your message PLEASE write back soon!!!!!. Thank You,

Martha E. Escobar

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