Looking for my relatives named "Del Bello"

Posted by David Del Bello on December 04, 2005 at 10:34:01:

My name is David Del Bello. I live in New Mexico, USA. I am trying to find my Italian relatives, that is, the family of Dominic Del Bello, my Grand Father. He imigrated to the United States early in the 1900's and settled in Philadelphia where he met my Grandmother Asunta and raised 4 children---Carmen, Ameleto, Lucy, and Norma. The only thing I know for sure is that he came from Abruzzo. After spending hours of researching the registered surnames in each of the four provences in Abruzzo, and each of their municapalities, the name Del Bello is only found in the provence of Chieti, and only in Bucchianico, and Frisa. If anyone knows a family by this name, it is quite probable that they are my relatives, and I would be deeply grateful if you would contact me to let me know where they are, or give them my email address so they can contact me. My Grandfather was a great man, and I loved him very much. I want to come to Italy and visit the house he was born in.

Thank you
David Del Bello

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