seeking brother

Posted by julia on January 19, 2006 at 08:25:14:

my name is julia, i was born in italy on may 30 1953, immediately after my birth i was given up for adoption along with my twin brother.. over the years i have searched for him.. and at one time the search was in process, they contacted the military police whom informed them that my brother was never adopted, his name is rudolpho, he reside in pescara and was raised by a priest... i was adopted out in 1958 to a family in the united states and since then have been seeking my brother ... please if anyone knows of twins being born in vasto italy on may 30 contact me , and if you know the were abouts of my brother. i have for many years prayed for our reunion and to know my heritage and bring closure to the loss of my god given rights to my brother... i so yearn to meet him and let him know that every day he is in my heart and prayers .. thank you

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