Posted by Bob Clements on January 25, 2006 at 19:32:38:

I am looking for any information/connections related to:

My grandfather GIOVANNI DiCLEMENTE, B. 1883, who left SERRAMONACESCA in 1902, came back to Italy, and then returned to the US in 1909. He was the son of FRANCESCO DiClemente, and his mother's last name was DiFilippo. He settled in CAMDEN, NEW JERSEY.

His wife ROSA MARCHEGIANO, b. 1885. She left CASALINCONTRADA in 1911 with three children: Antonietta (b. 1905), Gasparino (b. 1907)and Nicola (b. 1908). She joined Giovanni in Camden, where two of her relatives, both named RAFFAELE MARCHEGIANO, emigrated in the early 1900s.

Giovanni's cousins, VINCENZO AND CAMILLO DiFILIPPO of Bucchianico. Vincenzo lived in South Philadelphia in 1909. Camillo was living in South Camden. His wife EMILIA ZAPPACOSTA accompanied Rosa Marchegiano on her trip to the US in 1911.

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