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Unfortunately resources are very limited, though your posting may sooner or later catch the eye of someone living in the place. The research should be directed at studying the birth acts and finding the records of the children of Domenico and Maria - the years up to 1899 are available in the archive of Chieti - In the Lds Family centers the records of Montenerodomo are available only up to 1865, so the only copy of the records available is in Chieti. If Anna stayed in Montenerodomo and lived to the 1950's-60's, you might find her tomb in the cemetery and on it there may be also her married surname. A possible help may come from the Comune. If records survived the destruction of WW2 the office may have the so-called "cancellati", that is, manuscript cards usually pink in color, where the "exit" of a person from the Comune was recorded, either by change of residence or death. So you might write a nice letter to the townhall and include all that you know of the family. Montenerodomo is small and the office clerks will know everything on the people there and those who deceased not very long ago. Translate your letter into Italian for their ease. For more help you can contact our genealogy section at

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