Gessopalena- Innaurato,DeGregorio,Troilo,Pelliciata/i

Posted by Albert Innaurato on March 01, 2006 at 18:51:12:

Hello! My name is Albert Innaurato. My grandfather Alfonso Innaurato(Birth 1889)was born in Gessopalena he came to United States(Philadelphia) in 1905.His parents were Domenico Innaurato & Luccia Troilo they were both born around 1850.Alfonso was 1 of 10 children. Alfonso met his brother Camillo(born 1887)and his brother Giovanni(born 1870) in Philadelphia. Giovanni went back and forth 2 or 3 times, and then stayed in Gessopalena. There was also a brother Francesco Innaurato born 1884 arrived in Phila 1907 but returned to Gessopalena. Giovanni had 2 sons who come and lived in Philadelphia. Pietro born 1889 arrived 1907. Andrea(Andrew) born 1893 he arrived 1910. There was one more relative either a nephew or cousin Nicolo Innaurato born 1894 arrived 1912.My grandmother Rose(Degregorio)was married to my grandfather Alfonso Innaurato. My grandmothers parents were Francesco DeGregorio & Delorata Pelliciatta/i they were also from Gessopalena and were born about 1876, but I don't know when they came to America. Any information or papers identifying them in Gessopalena would be much appreciated

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