Photos docs mem for Exhibit on Abruzzesi

Posted by Dominic Candeloro on March 02, 2007 at 03:01:51:

In preparation for a possible exhibit, I am eagerly seeking photos,
small artifacts, and memorabilia that tell the story of immigrants from
Abruzzi (especially from the Province of Chieti) to all parts of the US,
especially Pennsylvania. Please contact me at 708-354-0952 of

Doing this exhibit in Abruzzo will mean a lot to me too since my father
was from there. You know the routine--action pix are usually better
than portraits.But a great portrait can also be stunning. Group pix
with ID are great even without ID. People at work, mutual benefit
society, relig feasts, citizenship documents, membership cards, maps,
recipes, tools, evidence of participation in labor organizing, SV
defense, letters home, IA boys in Uniform etc. Whatever you can send
will be appreciated and acknowledged.
Thanks a million
Thanks a million--

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