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Posted by Forums' Editor on June 23, 2007 at 06:16:23:

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"3 Piate di farina (Three cups of flour)
(I seem to remember she used potato flour, does anyone know if that's correct?)"
This should be regular wheat flour

"2 cuchiare pieole di polvere" probably "due cucchiai piccoli di polvere" 2 small spoons of powder

2 cuchiare di curisco (Crisco?) might be "2 cucchiai di crusca" but it is possible also this is a liquor (she might have mis-spelt whisky, with sweet fried scrippelle some liquor flavour can be added.

"2 patane grande"
the 2 large potatoes were probably mashed with a fork and they should be the potato ingredient that you remember

"uno pache si sole" this should be "un poco di sale" that is a little salt

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