D'alessandro and Marchegiano info.

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Recently, I was at a family history center and I typed up a few Marchegiano bits and D'alessandro info. Here it is:

Angelo Massone (33 yrs) married Pasqua Marchegiano (28 years) 19 Jul 1885 in Ortona, Chieti, Italy. Angelo's father was Tommaso Massone and his mother was Anna Domenica . Pasqua's father was Nicola Marchegiano and her mother was Anna Maria Sanvitale. From film # 1037571 1858-1859.

Maria Rosa Marchegiano (22 yrs.) married Giovanni Antonio Di Salvatore(26 yrs.) Mar 8,1859.Ortona,Chieti,Italy

Egidio Marchegiano (36) married Maria Concetta Valentinetti (33) Jan 20, 1859. Ortona, Chieti, Italy.

Francesco Paolo Marchegiano married Carmela Costanzo 13 Nov 1859. Ortona,Chieti,Italy

Felice Marchegiano (32) married Liberata Simoncini (27) (sorry, didn't write date down for this one but either in 1858 or 1859). Felice's parents Father: Pasquale Marchegiano and Mother: Angela Caterina Di Tollo and Liberata's Father:Lodovico Simoncini and mother:Francesca Umile (not sure- can't read my writing!)

Now for births:
Maria Rosa Marchegiano born jan 9th, 1837 Ortona,Chieti,Italy.
Father:Rosario Marchegiano Mother:Anna Colonnello

Pasqua Marchegiano born april 8th, 1830. Ortona,Chieti,Italy
Christening date april 12,1830
father:Nicola Marchegiano mother:Anna Maria Sanvitale

Maria Tommasa D'alessandro born feb. 15,1858. Ortona,Chieti,Italy
Father: Giacomo D'alessandro mother:Rosa Panico

Angel Caterina Marchegiano born july 4, 1858 Ortona,Chieti,Italy
christening: Jul 5th, 1858

Father: Serafino Marchegiano Father's father Pasquale Marchegiano, mother: Orsola Mastrangelo

film 1037571

Francesco D'alessandro born 13 jul 1859
father: Gaetano D'alessandro father's father : Francesco D'alessandro mother:Gaetana Di Gregorio

film 1037572

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