Bruno and Cialone in Chieti

Posted by Lynn Bruno Phillips on December 30, 2007 at 21:24:15:

I am trying to find information on my Grandparents and their families.
They are Leopoldo Bruno b.1888, Marietta Cialone b.1894 and their children Adelle b.1914 and Emilio Bruno b.1920. They left Italy in November of 1920 from the port of Napoli.The only Clues I have to their past are on the ship manifest.It shows that they were all born in Chieti and that their last place of residence was with an aunt name Marie Clemente in Carpinone.
It also States that they planned to go to an Address in Brooklyn New York to stay with an Uncle Michele Bruno.
They eventually came to live in Missouri USA.
If anyone has any info that can help me I would really appreciate the insight! Feel like I am getting noplace Fast!

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