Message 117: Boschi Family

Posted by Vicky Colaiuta on 08/01/03 at 8:12 PM

Subject:   Boschi Family

I am looking for members of the Boschi family from L'Aquila.

The names I know are Armando Boschi, son of Benjamino Boschi and Chiarra (?) Boschi. I would like to know all family history available, especially names, dates and places of birth, dates and places of death, spouses, children, and so on.

Chiarra was married four times. Her third marriage was Fiore Colaiuta, followed by Benjamino Boschi. If possible, I would like to know her maiden name and the correct spelling of her first name.

Benjamino and Chiarra had a daughter Italia, I would like to know her married name. She had 2 daughters, one of whom was named Sylvania. Names, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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