Message 118: Colaiuta/Colaiuda Family

Posted by Vicky Colaiuta on 08/01/03 at 8:31 PM

Subject:   Colaiuta/Colaiuda Family

I am constructing a family tree for the Colaiuta family. The surname was probably spelled Colaiuda originally.

Of specific interest are the ancestors of Fiore Colaiuta, Giammaria/Gianmaria, Gaspare/Casper, Enrico, Pietro, Pietorito, Domini, and possibly others whose descendants migrated to the United States. (Most first settled in Pennsylvania, New York, or Chicago.)

Some of the villages/towns where the above were born or resided are Scoppito, Tornimparte, L'Aquila, and Sassa.

Fiore was mistakenly killed by a gang of thugs. He was married to a woman whose name may have been Chiarra. After his death, she married Benjamino Boschi. They had two children, Armando and Italia.

Fiore's son Phillipo married Aloisia (Luisa) Renzetti from Scoppito. Gianmaria's son Enrico married Richetta (Regina) Scarsella, who I tink was from Sassa.

I am seeking genealogical information, such as names of their parents, siblings, ancestors and children-- including full names, maiden names, spouses full names, dates/places of birth, dates/places of death, residences, number and names of children, and so on.

At this point I know that the Colaiuta males mentioned above may have been first cousins or brothers. I do not know, but want to find out.

Please help. Thank you.

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