Message 224: tracing the family tree

Posted by Rick Giannamore on 09/30/03 at 7:56 AM

Subject:   tracing the family tree

I am attempting to trace my family tree back to Italy. My great grandfather was Vincenzo Giannamore and he came to America around 1900. He settled in Steubenville, Ohio. I believe he was born about 1863 and died in 1929. He was married to Michalina Beraducci and had 5 children. Those boys were named Frank, Liberatore (my grandfather), Pietro, Ernie and William. A couple of these boys were born in Italy and a couple in America (I think).

I know that my great grandfather had brothers but do not know their names. I do not know if he had any sisters. I am unable to ask my grandfather or father as they are both deceased. Any help would be greatky appreciated.

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