455: Roccacasale

Posted by Carmela D'Ascanio on 01/10/04 at 7:08 AM

Subject:   Roccacasale

Looking for possible relatives or anyone who could provide any information what-so-ever!!!

My heritage originates from Roccacasale. My Great-Great Grandfather was Camillo D'Ascanio, who married someone by the name of Caterina. They had a son by the name of Donato(died circa 1915-18 (WWI)), who was married to Domenica D'Ascanio (died 1988/89). They had one son by the name of Benedetto D'Ascanio (born 3 Dec.1912 & died in WWII). He married my grandmother Angela Regina Scarpone(b.14 Nov.1914 & d.02 Aug.1984) and had two children, Donato (my father) & Loreta. My Great-Grandmother Domenica remarried after my Great-Grandfather died. She married a Salvatore DiGianantonio and went on to have two children to him, Carmela & Pasquale (both deceased). My grandmother's (Angela Regina Scarpone) father was named Antonio Scarpone and he married someone by the name of Lucia (not from Roccacasale, but from Bagnatura (near Sulmona). My Great-Great Grandfather was called Camillo Scarpone, and he married someone called Angela. My grandmother had one sister called Emidia (dec.) who married an Anzellotti (also from Roccacasale).

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