504: Campana, D'Anness,Volante,Maddamma

Posted by Toni Campana on 01/25/04 at 11:42 PM

Subject:   Campana, D'Anness,Volante,Maddamma

I'm looking for info on relatives from Barrea, My great-grandfathers name was Tommaso Campana who married Maria Nicola Maddamma. Marias mothers maiden name was D'Amico.
I'm looking for Tommasos mothers maiden name. Anna Maria was her name, her parents were Giuseppe ? and Michela D'Annessa.
Tommaso's brothers and sisters were: Sabatino dob:1873. Maria Carmella dob:1893. Salvatore dob:1884. Ilario dob:1879. Giuseppa "Josephine" dob:1882. Arcangela dob:1899. Mariano dob:1887. and Tommaso dob:1890. I also know our family has a church named after them in Barrea? or with the name on it? any info would be appreciated. Thank you

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