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Greetings from Marseilles France,

I don't know whether you can help me or not but I am now trying to find some of my relatives to the USA.
Why to the USA ?
My father Vincent Valente ( Vicenzo Valente on Italian registers ) was born in Avezzano Pce of Aquila - Italy on May 2, 1918.
I knew that his uncle Antonio has probabely emigrated to the USA.
I found on Ellis Island Foundation Web Site something about a man named Antonio Valente.
This man embarked in Naples on a ship named Nord America belonging to Navigazione Generale Italiana, on March 4, 1903 and is arrived in New York on March 18, 1903. He was 16.
I suspect this man to be my father's uncle because this is the unic record that I found and associating the name Valente with the city of Avezzano for an emigrant to the USA.
The ship's manifest shows Antonio Valente on list N24, positon 18.
As per the manifest he and some others emigrants from Avezzano were supposed to go to Cleveland, Ohio.
As per my father's mother who was hardly ever speaking about this subject and who was keeping all the information for herself, it seems anyway that some other family members has emigrated to the USA after the War 1, after 1918, and particulary to the State of Ohio.
Then the Antonio Valente hereabove mentioned could be very likely my father's uncle.

I'd like to get in touch with the descendants of this man in order to know whether they have any further information about him and of course to communicate with them if they are relatives.
All the best
Christian Valente

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