Cellini, Tiberi, Gentile, Caruso, (Raiano & Fagnano Alto)

Posted by Nicole Cellini on July 16, 2004 at 02:48:32:

My family is from Raiano, L'Aquila, Abruzzi. My Great-Grandfather was Emidio Cellini(1878-1950). Emidio had a brother named Raffaele who died in Raiano after 1914 or so(born in 1868). Raffaele was said to have been married to a woman named Filomena, but had no children. I was told he had two sisters named Elisabetta and Paolina who stayed in Raiano. Their parents were Antonio Cellini and Pelina LaSchiazza. My Great-grandmother was Italia Gentile (1885-1970). Her siblings were Michela (Raiano), Giuseppina (Gessidia or Josephine)(married Vincenzo DiBiase and moved to Wheeling, W.V. If anybody knows anything about her please contact me. I can't find anything!), Paolina (born abt1887 and married Feliciano Stammitti and had 7 children; lived in Lorain, Ohio), Bernardo (abt1891-1925) married and had a child named Vincent who was last known to live in Florida. Vincent had some kind of hand deformity)and Giuseppe (known as Pepino) lived in N.Y. Their parents were Venanzio Gentile and Maria Valeri (Valeri is said to be of Penne). My Great-Grandfather was Giovanni Tiberi(1887-1985). His siblings were Assunta (1891-1931), Venanzio (lived 3 yrs in Raiano), Gemma (lived 1.5 yrs in Raiano), and Massimo (abt1900-abt1971). Assunta married Vito (David) Lucio and had 7 children. Massimo supposedly married a woman in Raiano named Amelia and never had children. Their parents were Berardino Tiberi (abt 1859-abt1936)and Camilla Lozzi (1859-abt1936) (Lozzi is definitely from Fagnano Alto)Camilla's parents were Giovanni Berardino Lozzi (1808-1891)and Anna Cecilia Leli or Lalli. Berardino's parents were Giuseppe Tiberi (born abt1819) and Antonia Arquilla (born about 1829). My Great-Grandmother was Beatrice Caruso (1894-1951). Her parents were Giuseppe Caruso (1867-1933)(supposedly adopted) and Alfonsina LaFratta (died around 1907-1908(I know she was buried in Sulmona; I don't know if she's from Raiano or not). Giuseppe and Alfonsina had Fiore (1893-1932), Beatrice, Clementina and Francesco (Frank). Fiore married Liberata Santarelli and had triplets that died in infancy. Clementina married Corradino DiBiase and had Franz, Corradino (Dino), Mary, Giuseppina and Biagio (They were said to have moved to Genoa where they died). Frank (1907-1969) married Maria Zitello and had Joesph and Fran (Maria is still living). Giuseppe remarried after Alfonsina died to Maria Lombardi (1893-1954) from Vittorito. They had Alfonsina(1908-1973), Felice(abt1911-1922), Rosina (1910-1975)and Carmella (1915-1985). Alfonsina married Michele (Michael) Liberatore. Rosina married Rocco Lucente and ten children that I know of). Felice was run over by a railroad car and killed as a child. Carmella married Ferdinando (Fred)Iagulli and had no children.

Also, if anyone has any information on sending certificate requests to Italian Comunes, I would appreciate some help. I sent two requests a year ago in Italian with $10 U.S. in each, plus return postage stamps. I never heard back from Raiano.

Other Cellini's from Raiano: Antonio, Anna Maria, Nicola are siblings. Their parents were Carmen and Teresa Cellini. Antonio married Florence Ciancanelli. Anna Maria married Giuseppe DelBoccio. Nicola married Rosaria Liberatore.
Another Cellini link is Vincenzo (1882-1963)and Alesio (Alex)Cellini (1886-1931) (Died in auto accident). Vincenzo had Mary (born abt 1911 and married Nels Magnuson and had 1 daughter), Giuseppe (Joseph)(1913-1999) married Anna Bordonato (1913-1998) and had 2 children), Attilio (Arthur)(1915-1999) married Josephine Diaferia (1917-2000) and had 2 children, and Dahlia (1920-1991) (married Emil Carbo (1921-1997) and had 3 children). Their parents were Giosafatte Cellini and Filomena Ippolito or Ipolto. Both brothers married two different women named Domenica Tronca. The Tronca's were said to be cousins.

The families immigrated to Chicago, Chicago Heights, Bellwood and Elmwood Park, Illinois from 1901-1915. If anybody has any info whatsoever, please let me know. Thanks. Nicole

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