Finding out about family tree.

Posted by Bob Cenfetelli on August 28, 2004 at 08:28:04:

Hi, my name is Bob Cenfetelli. The original name
was Ciuffetelli until my Aunt Emma changed it to
Cenfetelli (Amercanized it?) Anyway, my grandparents
came from L'Aquila in the Province of L'Aquila in the
Abruzzo region. His name was Domenico (Dominic)
Ciuffetelli. His parents were Antonio Ciuffetelli
and Martantonia (Centi). My grandmother's name was
Anna Rosa Zigrossi. Her parents were Filippo Zigrossi
and Clementina (D'Angelo). My grandfather was born on
Feb. 5th, 1872 in L'Aquila and my grandmother was born
on Jan. 28, 1879 in L'Aquila. She also had an uncle,
Sante Zigrossi, who may have been born in Collebrincioni.

I know there are a number of Ciuffetelli's in the US.
My last count was 69 of them, most in the Philly area.
(I need to do a new search). I don't know if we are
all related or if Ciuffetelli is that common in Italy
(Abruzzo region).

My late cousin's husband (actually my late Aunt Emma's
son-in-law was researching the family tree but could
not get any further than my great grandfather). He
also found that my grandfather had a least a brother
and a sister. He thinks my Great Uncle's name was
Frank (or more likely, Francesco) and he didn't find
a name for the sister. I suspect there were probably
other brothers and sisters. According to my late Aunt,
we still have relatives over there in both Abruzzo and
in (or near) Rome. I have 2 living Aunts that I am
trying to contact to find out what they may know (or
remember), if anything.

Bob C.

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