D'Amico, DiMenna, Buzzelli, Literio

Posted by June Morrow on November 22, 2004 at 20:11:03:

Looking for relatives and information in regard to my grandfather, Louis D'Amico. His brother Matteo D'Amico came to the USA first and settled in Ohio. My grandfather first went to Ohio and then to Chicago, Il. They had a sister, Rosario, who remained in CDS. My Mother talks of the Buzzelli's and Literio's. DiMenna is my grandfather's mother's maiden name. When I was in Castel de Sangro, I met a Luigi Capodosto and his wife, Maria. Luigi turned out to be a first cousin of my Mother, Maria. Also met Maria Santucci, a wonderful woman who researched our family's geneology back to the early 1700's. She said that she was a new relative of ours due to a recent marriage. My Mother has six surviving siblings: Leo, Lawrence, Christine, Elsie, Elvira and Louis. Matt and Elba died very young. Any info would be greatly appreciated since my Mom is in her early 80's and the far past is becoming more important to her. Mille grazie.

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