Researching Filippone-D'Amato family from Nocciano

Posted by jacob on June 25, 2008 at 02:04:09:

I am currently looking for my genealogy and my relatives from a town called Nocciano in Pescara province. My great great grandmother's name was Michelina D'Amato (spelling may very) her husband's last name was Filippone (spelling may vary) and she came to America as a widow and brought my great grandfather Camillo Filippone along with her. They met up with Michelino's elder son Alberico who had paid for their voyage and come to America before they arrived. She also had 2 other sons one of whom was named Domenico and the other is currently unknown. I would like to obtain birth and marriage records for both Michelino, her husband, Camillo, Alberico, and Domenico but I dont know where to start.

I have already written a letter to the comune of Pescara but they replied, saying that they could not help me because there are so many people with the last names I have presented. Can someone please help me! My friend told me about a municipal office… if anyone could give me the address or a way to contact the municiple office of Nocciano, Pescara i would greatly appreciate it! I will take any help anyone can give me!

Update from Forums' Editor

Since the civil records have been made available online at it is now possible to ascertain that:
  • Michelina D'Amato,was 46 years old in the immigration manifest of 1812.
  • Her record of birth is in Nocciano, 1866 nov 19, no, 52, img 32. Her father was Antonio of late Rocco, 40 years old, her mother Annantonia Cetrani of late Vincenzo. Address rione San Rocco, Nocciano.
  • Filippone Alberigo was born in Nocciano, 8 March 1885, of Antonio 25 and Michelina D'Amato. address Via Collina 14.
  • Other birth records can be found online reading the indexes of birth years.
  • Record of marriage Filippone - D'Amato in 1883, no. 10, img 12. Antonio Filippone was born in Cepagatti of Domenico and Crisante Maria Nicola.

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