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Posted by Gilda on August 25, 2011 at 21:11:05:

My ancestors, looking for info:
- Pasquale Perilli - nasc. 07/06/1826 Rione S. Giovanni, Comune di Penne, Provincia di Teramo - padre: Domenico Perilli, madre: Aurora Salvatorelli

- Maria Concetta Di Simone, nasc.13/05/1837 Rione S. Panfilo - Comune di Penne, Provincia di Teramo, padre: Domenico di Simone +/-1811, madre: Olimpia D'Angelo +/-1813.

Update from Forums' Editor

Recently the civil records have been made available online at
  • On the birth document of 1826 Perilli Domenico is 34, Aurora 28
  • A marriage is recorded on 31 Jan 1864, Pasquale Perilli with Maria Concetta Di Simone - no. 5, parents of Pasquale are both deceased, the "processetto" includes their death records. Images of the Processetto start at img. 36
  • Domenico Perilli died 10 March 1849, no. 49, at 57 years of age, of late Pasquale and late Angeladea Robileo
  • Aurora Salvatorelli died 3 Aug 1862, no. 220, at 70 years old, of late Vincenzo, widow of Domenico Perilli, leaving two sons, Pasquale and Salvatore.
  • Groom's grandfather Pasquale Perilli died 4 Aug 1843, no. 110, at 85, husband of Angeladea Nobilii, born in Penne of late Massimo and late Angela Varusca?

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