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Hi Kevin,
My maiden name is De Feo (a very common last name in our town) and I came to the US from Santo Stefano when I was 13 years old. My dad's name was Carmine and my mom's name was Celeste.

I do recognize your last name, and I asked my brother who is older than me if he knew about your grand-father donating the brass doors, and he said that he does remember on one of his visits to Santo Stefano there in the 70's hearing that Pasquale Capozzi had donated them. My brother and his wife visit almost every year.

I do remember some Capozzi in the town, and in particular a Angelina Capozzi (in dialect they pronounced it "Capuozzi".
She has a daughter named Carla who is married to an artist. If these are your relatives, they live in the section called "Casa Cioppa:

I would assume that they are your second or first cousins. I am not sure.

If you want more info, I still have relatives in the town who could give me more info.

Take care and hope to hear from you soon.

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